Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful women who love and support us endlessly!

Last night, I wrote a long letter to my mum and stuck it on the bathroom mirror. When I woke up, mum told me that she tried reading the letter three times and couldn't quite understand it.

Like most Mother's Day cards, I told mum that I loved her and hoped that she'd have a great day. The one thing that probably sets me apart from most is that my letter had a lot of 'Sorrys'. These past few years have been particularly harsh for the both of us. She's experienced a lot, I've experienced a lot and together, we've experienced more than we could ever imagine. Without each other, I don't think we would have made it to today.

My mother is no different from others - she is supportive, loving, caring, dedicated and selfless. She always puts my brother and I before herself. Mum often goes without, so that we can have. I didn't necessarily grow up in a 'normal' household but mum has always tried to make life as 'normal' as possible for us. No matter what the world has thrown at her or at us, she has always taken it in her stride and protected us.

I am not a good daughter. I am demanding. I am annoying. I am a nuisance. I am a drama queen. My emotions go from hot to cold in split seconds - it's insane. I have an ego that needs to be fed. I am picky. I am a perfectionist. I am lazy - gosh, I am so unbelievably lazy. I am difficult to deal with. I get sick too easily and become a complete burden. I am critical. I am arrogant. I am indecisive. I am unhelpful. I make bad decisions. I make people around me worry sick about my health and safety.

There are so many wrongs in my life that makes me unworthy of my mum.

I always tell people, 'It's hard being a mother. But it is much harder to be my mother.'

My brother and I are my mum's pride and joy. She's used her entire life to make sure we were well fed, clothed and educated.

For Mother's Day, we had a homemade lunch because my dad was flying out tonight for business. Since we weren't going to see dad for awhile, mum decided that she would do the cooking - see how selfless she is? She puts dad's going away ahead of her special day.

My mum is an awesome cook - we are completely spoilt when it comes to food! Whenever we go out to eat and have something completely delicious, she'll come home and try to make it from scratch. Sometimes she's replicate it and other times she'll tweak it to make it even tastier. Yeah, I know. My mum is just precious like that. I'm super lucky to have her.

So what was on the lunch menu?

Abalone Congee/Jok/Juk

I usually don't like eating congee because I have this wonderful love/hate relationship with carbs...and I don't know. I have this belief that it's a waste of carb intake. It probably has no scientific and nutritional basis whatsoever but why not just eat a bowl of rice? I would rather eat a bowl of rice!

Besides, congee usually doesn't taste like anything and you have to rely on side dishes for flavour. Yes, congee is good for you when your sick. It will do your digestive system some good. Yes, I know.

But so will water *shrugs*.

A few years ago, mum got really into Korean cooking and I found this recipe for Abalone congee on Maangchi's website. She's been making this for ages now and it's a hit in our household. We usually have it when we're all feeling REALLY rundown and sick, considering how expensive Abalone is!

It is definitely a luxury but it is so super tasty because of the sesame oil and garlic. Yummy!

Next up are Water Dumplings!

Mum makes the dumpling skin from scratch because the ones you buy from the Asian groceries are a bit too thick.

Inside there's pork, garlic chives, ginger, white rice wine and sesame oil.

You like Din Tai Fong? You should try my mum's water dumplings!

Lastly, Spring Onion Pancake.

Often when you go out to eat this, you get this really oily piece of dough with not a lot of spring onion. At home, we make it with a lot less oil so that it's actually crunchier!

We bought mum her favourite Cookies and Cream Cheesecake to celebrate.

Sometimes the biscuit base is soggy but luckily this time it was perfect! Actually, lucky that we even got the cake! We weren't initially going to get mum a cake because we don't usually celebrate with one. We were going to go out for lunch as a family and then get mum's present together. But mum decided to make lunch for dad before he left and my brother and I snaked out to buy the cake.

Usually, you have to order the cake one day beforehand. Luckily, they prepared a few for walk-in customers.

I love you Mummy! I hope that you'll always be happy and healthy. Thank you for everything.

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