Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sharing is Caring

Freebies for my Australian readers!

First off, I received an email about Marc Jacob's latest spin on Daisy - 'Eau So Fresh'. It is intended to be the brighter and lighter version of the original scent, with a greater emphasis on floral and fruity flavours. The scent is promoted as being able to capture a happy and vibrant day under the sun.

Its key notes consist of white rose, apple blossom, plum, cedar wood and musk. Extra fresh, flowery and playful - great for the Northern Hemisphere's sunny weather.

I'm also guessing that it will be great for the Southern Hemisphere's upcoming Mother's Day *hint hint, nudge nudge*.

To be very honest, it smells no different from the original, except being lighter on the skin and nose.

Nonetheless, for a sample CLICK HERE, sign up, print off the voucher and head to your nearest Myers and David Jones.

Next up, San Churro! Known for its freshly fried Spanish doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce, the chocolateria is giving away complimentary coffees for every Wednesday in May. If you head down to your local San Churro store [yes, I know they are far and apart] before 5PM on a Wednesday in the month of May, you will be shouted a regular cup of their new Fairtrade and organic Sacred Blend coffee for free.

Free coffee and the whiff of chocolate and fried doughnuts - what's not to love?

CLICK HERE for further information and store locations.

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