Friday, 8 April 2011

Aziatix Again !

I've been quite busy lately so I am slightly behind the times! Didn't even realise that Aziatix uploaded an Instrumental/MR Version of their debut song 'Go'.

*squeals* I absolutely love it - as you would have guessed, I'm sure. I can already predict the amount of crazy remixes and covers that are going to pop up on Youtube very soon. If you see anything wonderful, let me know! If only I could rap, I probably would upload one too. AHAH.

I can't wait until Aziatix start performing this live. I reckon it'd sound awesome with some gorgeous ad libs by Eddie or Nicky at the end. I wonder if this is it - in the sense that, is this the song they're debuting into America with.

What's the marketing plan? What type of promotions are they having?

I want to know it all! Mwahahahah!

Actually, something I want to know even more is when they're going to release their music video. Hmm.

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