Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sharing is Caring

Freebies for my Australian readers!

First off, I received an email about Marc Jacob's latest spin on Daisy - 'Eau So Fresh'. It is intended to be the brighter and lighter version of the original scent, with a greater emphasis on floral and fruity flavours. The scent is promoted as being able to capture a happy and vibrant day under the sun.

Its key notes consist of white rose, apple blossom, plum, cedar wood and musk. Extra fresh, flowery and playful - great for the Northern Hemisphere's sunny weather.

I'm also guessing that it will be great for the Southern Hemisphere's upcoming Mother's Day *hint hint, nudge nudge*.

To be very honest, it smells no different from the original, except being lighter on the skin and nose.

Nonetheless, for a sample CLICK HERE, sign up, print off the voucher and head to your nearest Myers and David Jones.

Next up, San Churro! Known for its freshly fried Spanish doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce, the chocolateria is giving away complimentary coffees for every Wednesday in May. If you head down to your local San Churro store [yes, I know they are far and apart] before 5PM on a Wednesday in the month of May, you will be shouted a regular cup of their new Fairtrade and organic Sacred Blend coffee for free.

Free coffee and the whiff of chocolate and fried doughnuts - what's not to love?

CLICK HERE for further information and store locations.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I woke up this morning and went on a bit of an Easter egg hunt at our place. We had all these Lindt chocolates hidden around the house and we had to find them and put them back in the box. I found mine in five minutes. Haha =)

Ahh, yes. I am childish like that. What can I say? I like surprises and doing childish things!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Review : Love More Face Masks

Product : Love More Face Masks
Made In : Taiwan
Purchased From : Mannings, Hong Kong
Quantity : Pack of 6
Verdict : Not hydrating enough. Maybe better for normal skin
Re-purchase : Will not purchase again

I am a face mask fanatic - no addict! At the very least, I use face masks once a week to hydrate my dry skin before sleep or right before putting on make up for special occasions. Finding the right mask that fits my face and with serum/essence that doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin is quite a task. Unfortunately, like with other cosmetics and skincare products, it is often a matter of trial and error.

A lot of people have asked why I prefer sheet masks, as opposed to wash off cream or scrub masks. The number one reason that I can give is that I like the cooling effect that sheet masks give my skin. It actually feels like the heat is being drawn from my skin and  it leaves me feeling so refreshed.

I also like how convenient they are. I can put a mask on after cleansing my face or after a shower and leave it on for about 10-15mins while I do other things. I'm not sitting there worrying if anything is dripping or falling off my face. The only problem I do have with this is that because I'm busy doing other things, I do sometimes forget to pull the mask off after the 10-15mins that are recommended.

I used to think that it was best to leave the mask on until it completely dried out or fell off my face. But my mother told me that I should peel it off when it is partially dry otherwise the sheet may draw moisture out of my face. I'm not sure how true this is but I listened anyway. Who wants even the slightest opportunity of moisture being drawn out of their face?! Not me!

I always feel guilty peeling off a still damp sheet off my face =(

So I wrap it around my arms or legs. Ahah.

But yes, that's why I love face masks and am always on the prowl for new and different mask options.

While in Hong Kong, I purchased some 'Love More Face Masks'. What initially attracted me to these face masks was the fact that they covered a bit of your neck area. The mask has ear hooks on the side which are supposed to lift your mask and mouth area. Very interesting!

So they were just launched in Hong Kong and Mannings, a chain-store personal health and beauty retailer, were having a buy one get one free promotion. I chose to buy the Japan Electric Ore Mask Peptide Duo Lifting Masks and Scotland Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Peptide Duo Lifting Masks.

Description From The Box
The Electric Ore Mask is meant to tighten, firm and give your skin that supple, hydrated feeling. It is marketed as helping to fight against gravity by lifting all the essential areas - neck, eye, cheeks and mouth.

Whitening Rating - 5/5 stars
Mositurising Rating - 4/5 stars
Hydrating Rating - 5/5 stars
Absorption Rating - 5/5 stars
Fitting to skin Rating - 5/5 stars

You're meant to put the mask on for 15-20 minutes to maximise its benefits.

The Experience
I usually put a face mask on after coming out of the shower without putting on toner or moisturiser. Opened the pack and noticed that there wasn't a lot of serum left in the packet. That for me was really significant because every other mask I've tried has loads of serum left on the bottom of the pack.

Lifted the mask out of the pack and that was drenched in serum - always a good thing. However, rubbing my fingers against the mask I could feel that the serum wasn't as hydrating as other masks I've tried.

The shape of the mask was on the smaller side which I was happy with because a lot of the time, I come across really hydrating masks which cater to wider faces. I actually have a lengthier face =)

I really like the ear hooks because it actually makes you feel like you're lifting your neck area.

I left it on my face for 25 minutes. When I'm trying out a mask, I like to give it 5 extra minutes just to maximise the serum.

My face felt softer immediately after I pulled the mask off but it wasn't anything amazing. I could have gotten the same feeling with a hydrating gel cream.

I was quite disappointed with the feeling that the serum was sitting on top of my skin and wasn't being absorbed in properly.

Before I slept, I dipped my fingers into the mask pack and put some of the serum onto my skin and put on my moisturiser. I do this with all my masks because isn't it a huge waste if I just threw away the pack? I usually have enough serum for two-three days and it really just maximises the benefits of the mask.

There wasn't much in the packet and I only have enough for half my face =(

The only good thing about the mask was its actual shape but I don't think I'll be purchasing it again. I've read a few reviews on this and everyone seems to be raving about it... except me! Boo.

Honestly, I feel as if this mask would be perfect for people with normal skin. The mask is definitely not enough for people with dry skin.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Aziatix Again !

I've been quite busy lately so I am slightly behind the times! Didn't even realise that Aziatix uploaded an Instrumental/MR Version of their debut song 'Go'.

*squeals* I absolutely love it - as you would have guessed, I'm sure. I can already predict the amount of crazy remixes and covers that are going to pop up on Youtube very soon. If you see anything wonderful, let me know! If only I could rap, I probably would upload one too. AHAH.

I can't wait until Aziatix start performing this live. I reckon it'd sound awesome with some gorgeous ad libs by Eddie or Nicky at the end. I wonder if this is it - in the sense that, is this the song they're debuting into America with.

What's the marketing plan? What type of promotions are they having?

I want to know it all! Mwahahahah!

Actually, something I want to know even more is when they're going to release their music video. Hmm.