Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Perhaps This Is Love

Oh, just goodness me.

I have too many dreams. I dream of having beautiful skin, I dream of being skinny, I dream of being able to eat whatever I want, I dream of exercise being easy, I dream of everyday being a party, I dream of life being one long social engagement. . .

. . .and I dream I had this damn bag.

Say hello to the very gorgeous Luggage Handbag from Celine. Isn't it fabulous?

I have a strong preference for classic styled bags - ones that are wonderfully structured and a bit on the boxy side. I like versatile bags that I can take out on day and night occasions, casual or formal engagements. I'm not a big, 'I need to go home to change bags!' person. That's simply too fusst for me.

That probably explains why I like my bags so big - so I can shove all my gear into it.

Ahhhh love. Love. Love. Love. Isn't the bag super pretty? Although, my only worry would be how heavy it is. It looks a bit heavy duty, doesn't it?

These bags come in three different sizes and there's some awesome colour and material combinations you can choose from.

I think I'd be after the oversize in suede and calf.

But with prices starting from $HK$23,500...I think I better keep dreaming.

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