Monday, 28 March 2011

'Go' - Aziatix [Full-Length]

I can see myself driving to this song. I'm sold. AHAH.

My favourite line would have to be...

'Baby, I don't mean to be cliched but it's not you girl but me. Cos I still got a lotta player left in me. So I'll be on my way.'

And you know what else I love about this song? The fact that it is so remix-able. There are so many possibilities with this track. We could rearrange the lyrics, set it to a trance beat, do a mash-up, speed it up and give it a heavier bass, make a female reply...I actually think a female version of this song would sound pretty awesome.

Gosh! I'm getting a little too excited, aren't I? Ahah.

The chorus actually reminds me of Se7en's earlier stuff. The tempo of 'Go' is slightly slower than Se7en's previous singles, but it has that feel to it. Agree? Or am I out here on my own for this one?

Bring on the MV, I say!

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