Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Perhaps This Is Love

Oh, just goodness me.

I have too many dreams. I dream of having beautiful skin, I dream of being skinny, I dream of being able to eat whatever I want, I dream of exercise being easy, I dream of everyday being a party, I dream of life being one long social engagement. . .

. . .and I dream I had this damn bag.

Say hello to the very gorgeous Luggage Handbag from Celine. Isn't it fabulous?

I have a strong preference for classic styled bags - ones that are wonderfully structured and a bit on the boxy side. I like versatile bags that I can take out on day and night occasions, casual or formal engagements. I'm not a big, 'I need to go home to change bags!' person. That's simply too fusst for me.

That probably explains why I like my bags so big - so I can shove all my gear into it.

Ahhhh love. Love. Love. Love. Isn't the bag super pretty? Although, my only worry would be how heavy it is. It looks a bit heavy duty, doesn't it?

These bags come in three different sizes and there's some awesome colour and material combinations you can choose from.

I think I'd be after the oversize in suede and calf.

But with prices starting from $HK$23,500...I think I better keep dreaming.

Monday, 28 March 2011

'Go' - Aziatix [Full-Length]

I can see myself driving to this song. I'm sold. AHAH.

My favourite line would have to be...

'Baby, I don't mean to be cliched but it's not you girl but me. Cos I still got a lotta player left in me. So I'll be on my way.'

And you know what else I love about this song? The fact that it is so remix-able. There are so many possibilities with this track. We could rearrange the lyrics, set it to a trance beat, do a mash-up, speed it up and give it a heavier bass, make a female reply...I actually think a female version of this song would sound pretty awesome.

Gosh! I'm getting a little too excited, aren't I? Ahah.

The chorus actually reminds me of Se7en's earlier stuff. The tempo of 'Go' is slightly slower than Se7en's previous singles, but it has that feel to it. Agree? Or am I out here on my own for this one?

Bring on the MV, I say!

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Go' - Aziatix

Music plays an enormous part in my life and I am constantly listening to some form of music. But lately, the quality of music that we now hear is so different from what I first fell in love with. Auto-tunes, meaningless lyrics, overly processed instrumentals and weak melodies annoy me.

Today, purely out of chance, I found Aziatix which consists of three Korean-Americans who are launching themselves into the American market tomorrow. When I heard the teaser, it just felt like falling in love all over again! It felt like, this is how music should be.

The song is called 'Go' and it is precisely the type of music that I grew up listening to and loving. It features a good instrumental, great melody, unique vocals and a rap verse that doesn't sound out of place.

And I kid you not. I know Nicky Lee and Eddie Shin - the two vocalists. Like I personally know them. We're all great mates.

Yeah, like, Nicky used to lull me to sleep with "Baby, It's Me". He'd sing it over and over until I fell asleep and Eddie's, like, the sweetest guy in the world. He used to sing his remix of Tamia's 'Officially Missing You' to me when my mother drove me to school in the morning. He was just cool like that.



Okay, I can feel myself turning into a fangirl and it is slightly disturbing. But goodness me, I have always liked Nicky Lee. He was always oh so intriguing. After all, he's a Korean singer trying to establish himself as a Taiwanese artist. How does that even work? Considering that the Korean Wave is at its peak right now. 

Now my Mandarin isn't even near good enough to judge whether his pronunciation is accurate or not, but I can tell you first hand how difficult it is to learn and sing in another language. So yeah, hell yeah, Nicky Lee is kind of my idol.

His vocals are so soulful and velvety smooth. Gahhh - it's so hard to come by these days! Super like.

I admit that I listened to Eddie's Tamia remix back in 2005 and never heard anything else from him. Apparently, he released an album in Korea and attended New York University. That's as far as my stalking expertise got me.


I don't know a lot about Flowsik but I like his rap voice and that's really all I need.

Definitely looking forward to when the song comes out on Itunes tomorrow!

Go and check out the teaser! Let me know what you think.

I'm super excited. Are you?

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