Friday, 18 February 2011

Review : Sana's Extra Heavy Eyeliner

Product : SANA's Extra Heavy Eyeliner
Made In : Japan
Purchased from : Okadaya @ Shinjuku, Japan
Price : 1 200 Yen
Re-purchase : No

From - "SANA Extra Heavy Eyeliner is an eyeliner of a wax and water-proof base to last all day. The flat brush tip can draw eyeliners that perfectly fill up lashes and inside edge of eyelid, making your eyes sharper and more impressive."

For the past three years, eyeliner has been a staple for me to brighten up my eyes. I find that a swish of eyeliner on my upper lids make me look more awake, alert and vibrant. So it seems that I am forever on the prowl for different and better eyeliners to use!

What I instantly liked about Sana's Extra Heavy Eyeliner was that it was an eyeliner pen. To me, a fairly intermediate liquid eyeliner user, this meant that I could grip it like a pen and not worry too much about losing control of the brush.

The beauty of the eyeliner brush is that it is designed to give you two very different types of effects. 

If you apply your eyeliner with the flat side, you will get a thick black line in the one go. In comparison to other liquid eyeliners which require you to draw thicker lines on top of each other, this product will do the job quicker. 

This is definitely useful when you're attempting dramatic cat eyes.

If you turn the flat brush on it's side, you will find a much finer brush. It is so fine that my camera can't even capture how tiny it is! You can use this side on your upper lids in the daytime for a more natural look and on your lower lashline to complement your dramatic upper lids.

For the product to come out purely black, you have to go over it a few times. However, I'm not really into pitch black eyeliner, so I'm happy with its colour which is probably two/three shades away from being pitch black.

However, the most troublesome thing about the eyeliner is that it is extremely difficult to remove. I cannot emphasis how hard it was to completely take it off! With my pencil and other liquid eyeliners, I find that oil-based eye or even face make up remover is sufficient enough to remove everything from my eye area.

The first time I tried to take off the liner, I used both removers and it was still there. After a few more tries, I was left with a faint ink-like stain on my upper lids.

I guess this speaks volumes about its staying power?

Verdict :

As much as I love the versatility of the brush and how easy it is to draw a precise and definite line, I will not be purchasing this pen liner again. It is way too difficult to remove! At one point I found myself rubbing, scrubbing and even scratching at the stain on my eye trying to fully remove the liner. I'm not sure how you're expected to remove this liner. Maybe there's a special way but because I can't read Japanese, I've missed it?

Either way, I have stopped using this because removing it is too harsh on my eye area. It's a shame considering that I really like the brush!


  1. Aww that's too bad about getting it off... Maybe it's one of the types where you need to use warm water in order to remove it??

  2. Hi L!

    I know right? Amazing staying power and the brush is honestly perfect for so many looks!

    Unfortunately warm water didn't remove it for me =(