Friday, 11 February 2011


Valentine is a cusp Aquarius Pisces with an interest for all things media, beauty, music, culture, history and travel.

Her personality can be described as multifaceted, confusing and contradictory at best. Often you will find her fragile, but fierce. Aloof, but highly-aware. Approachable, but only at an arm's length. Demanding, but understanding. Insightful, but unwilling to share. Idealistic, but painfully aware of reality. Pessimistic, yet childishly optimistic.

Valentine is a dreamer, but not without being aware of reality. You may find her passionate, yet easily discouraged. Rebellious, yet respectful of traditions and social convention. Stubborn, but easily swayed with the right words.

Her unique personality allows her to view things, people, places and events from a very different perspective.

She is known predominately for her extremely dry sensitive skin and sensitive heart. She loves browsing and trying on fashion pieces that look great on mannequins, but odd on her own body.
She adores music. Singing makes her happy, yet holding a microphone on stage and hearing her own voice is a fear she has trouble overcoming.

Her life these past few years has been about constant movement in a quest to find home - a place where she can best realise herself and her potential. Travelling has opened up her eyes to a world that is much bigger than she has ever imagined. 

Blogging has always been the way she shares her thoughts, ideas and insights to a worldwide audience. It is her way of publicly negotiating her way through the world.

They often say that you may know someone's name but not there story. 

THISISVALENTINE is Valentine's story.

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